As they watched the female pluck the fruit from the tree and take a bite, Theos was popping open a bottle of what you and I could best refer to today as champagne.

Adonai came into the lab carrying a tray full of glasses and began assisting Theos with filling them to share among the research science team.Sphinx_Observatory

Today was a great day, indeed. Today – these scientists were witnessing the success of an experiment no one else had ever accomplished. Elohim and Yahweh watched out the large window that overlooked the lush gardens below them as the male took the fruit from the female and bit into it.

“We’ve done it… we’ve actually done it.” Despotes almost whispers, the awe in her voice clear. Adonai hands her a glass as she makes the rounds with the tray now filled with the sweet, sparkling nectar.

“A toast!” Theos calls and the group of scientists merges upon the window to prepare for the final moment when they set their creation free. “Elohim, this has been your work from the beginning!” Theos says to the tall and thin scientist in the flowing robes of white and gold. “The floor is yours, say something to honor this moment. I’ve prepared the recording app to capture your words for the history books.”

“I’m honored, Theos. And to all of you – thank you for your dedication and belief in this project.” Elohim blushes slightly, always the humble one. “I just hope that this work we have done is also something that should have been done. Today – we’ll set our creation free and out on their own. Our work is done today, but our hearts will forever be tied to this world and the future of this project.”

“It’s time, Elohim.” Yahweh says, motioning towards the window and the pair of young humans out in the garden. “Let’s release them.”

“Yes, it’s time. I’m both ecstatic and also sad to have to inflict such pain upon them. They’re so innocent.” Elohim’s face clearly begins to fall, and the group of scientists gather in closer around him to embrace him and support him as a solitary tear runs down his silver cheek.

The garden of Eden with the fall of man *oil on panel *74.3 × 114.7 cm *signed b.l.: PETRI PAVLI RVBENS FIGR. *signed b.r.: IBRUEGHEL FEC *circa 1615

“Yahweh, you have your script ready? You know what you’re supposed to do?” Elohim asks.

“Yes, of course. I will be compassionate and love them as I deliver them to their new habitat.” Yahweh pauses for a moment before adding, “We’re all feeling with you, Elohim.” Yahweh then walks over to his station and begins to transmit through the hologram being they’ve created to interact with the alien environment as the “Lord of the Garden”.

From the observatory window, the scientists watch as the garden begins to rumble and then fire and lava sparks up from the grounds in random spots. It’s just for show, Elohim reminds himself, it won’t hurt them… but it does scare them. He watches as they run down the path created for them, knowing when he next visits with them, they’ll be a different kind of creature. No longer a pet, they will be much more like children that will grow up to become equals if he has done his job right.

Elohim feels a hand on his shoulder and looks to his left to see the graceful Adonai beside him, gazing out the window.

“You’ve done something remarkable, Elohim.” She says “You will return to our home more than just a scientist – you’ll return a storyteller.”

“What if I don’t want to return home? What if I want to stay and watch them grow up?” Elohim astonishes himself by asking in a hoarse whisper, choking back the emotions he’s feeling.

“We expected that. You can stay or return here anytime – that’s always been part of your deal with the company. You have created a new type of intelligent life. How could one not feel the same love for them that we feel for our children?”

“Adonai, you’re always the wisest of us. Thank you for knowing what to say to make this easier on my heart and my mind.”

“Of course, Elohim. Thank you for showing us how to be more than just scientists.” Adonai says as she pours a little more of the champagne into Elohim’s glass before raising her own to clink against his “To Adam and Eve, to new life!”

“To Adam and Eve!” the team of scientists shout out as they raise their glasses together, looking out over the garden from their large secret window. “To the Genesis project’s success!”

The End

Author’s Comments: This is an irreverent work of fiction. It’s not intended to change the reality of what you believe but rather give you the perspective of alternate possible realities. It’s not remotely meant to offend but rather to honor the historical religious texts that so many surrounding me cling to as their security blanket. Perhaps if we held on less tightly to the reality we have been taught – we can feel safe enough to open up the mind and heart to what really was in the beginning and the honest knowing that we can never know what really is or was. There’s no beginning, and no end. There’s just the stories.