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  1. Ed Schipul
    May 27, 2012 @ 4:56 pm

    Sarah – I strongly agree. I always wished (stay with me here) that Douglas Adams had collaborated on a book with Hunter S. Thompson. Fear and Loathing in the Galaxy (without a towel) or similar.

    In fear and loathing Raoul comes to the most ridiculous conclusions and interpretations of events because of his state of mind. The fact that Gonzo frequently is the voice of reason adds to ridiculousness of it all. Raoul and Gonzo are the anti-Occams.

    Adams asked huge questions, understood answers are usually simple. And he delivered social commentary true British literary pique.

    Why I find considering the subtle differences between Thompson and Adams interesting is beyond me. But I do think it supports your theory that the meaning of life is about I/O. There is no question that Raoul and Gonzo’s trip (ahem) was about inputs and outputs.

    And unexpected inputs and unexpected outputs (whale thoughts while flying?) are what makes Adams so funny.

    I had a friend who always said “you are what you eat.” He didn’t mean actual food. He meant we should read great books and enjoy the company of curious and positive people because those are our inputs and they shape our outputs.

    And oh ya, it applies to databases as well. Great post.

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