Tonight I had the opportunity to attend the Houston Technology Center‘s Celebration of Entrepreneurs’ Gala.  I want to disclaimer that I received this honor because the company I work for has done tons of free work for the Houston Technology Center…

I really want to go straight into the “too direct” marketing part and tell you that this nonprofit technology incubator has not only done some really amazing things for Houston and the global technology community – they have sent my company (Schipul Technologies) referrals that have led to real and measurable SALES… (is all caps enough or do you suggest something else because truly, I want to thank HTC’s amazing staff for this!!!!!?)

There is a ton of back story here if you research it that I left out – I’m just not going to go into the details of it because we only live so many hours before we don’t live and I have a degree not just in Philosophy but Philosophy of Comparative Religions no less- so life’s short, then you die.

Every Breathe You Take Matters

That’s a real thing, I can give you more only tonight – I won’t because I want to tell you how awesome the people involved in the Houston Technology community are.

* Sometimes you make a difference, and Sometimes you don’t *

That is what most people in marketing and advertising are either unaware of or in denial about – only it’s a true fact and it is what we do or don’t do if we want to play in that arena.

In the business of digital marketing, making a difference means capturing people’s attention and getting your message across so that they act when they hear your message.

Either we make a difference by getting people to Do something


We don’t make a difference and no action occurs.

Tonight the Houston Technology Center made a huge difference.   The Celebration of Entrepreneurs’ Gala united Houston’s communities of entrepreneurs, investors, media and marketers to showcase innovation, job creation, and the people in one of the top 10 cities in America for both population size AND for job growth.

Russ Capper, the Gala’s Emcee and Radioshow host of the Business Markers Radio Show, aptly stated “This is a room full of people who know how to make jobs.”

HTC got people to listen to them and act upon it and come out to this annual fundraiser to learn, share, and donate.

I want to say Congratulations – and a HUGE Thank You to the people at Houston Technology Center!