I’m heading to ProductCamp Austin this weekend to learn more about product marketing and management.

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There are almost 40 sessions being pitched, including my own session: Double Duty Marketing, that are hoping to be selected.  For those who are going to ProductCamp Austin tomorrow, I thought I’d share the sessions that I am most interested in.  All of the sessions submitted look great and I made my selections based solely on what I’m interested in learning about and what I feel would be most useful for an advanced product marketing manager.

You can find the full list of submissions on ProductCamp Austin’s website and they also have a downloadable PDF. Here’s my top recommendations from the submissions to help you figure out which to vote for tomorrow.

Product Marketing Sessions

** I’m going to shamelessly plug my submission first.  Come get ideas, share your experience and learn how to do Double Duty Marketing: When Your Product is both Open Source and Software as a Service. **

  1. UX Toolbox – The Right Tools to Use to Understand the User Experience – Annette Priest will present this session that will cover a variety of tools and methods to help create a better user experience for your customers.
  2. Make the Users Conference a Powerful Experience and a Marketing Success – Thom Singer will share how to create an awesome user conference for your product that engages and excites your audience and isn’t just about your company and product.
  3. Pricing Directions – Karen Millican will give practical advice and tools on how to address the pricing strategy and direction for your product.

Product Management and Development Sessions

  1. How to Create Roadmaps that Energize Executives – Eileen Licitra will show you how to create strategic roadmaps that help you replace the “shiny new object syndrome” with market-focused solutions.
  2. Surveys for Strategic UX and Product Management – Annette Priest is going to show you how to create effective surveys that your customers will actually want to respond to.
  3. Innovation: The Intersection of Invention and Value – Jose A. Briones, PhD, will lead this townhall discussion on what different types of innovation must be managed and how to manage them within the product development cycle.

I was actually torn between Dr. Briones’ session and another product innovation presentation that Hector Del Castillo has submitted.  Ultimately, I selected Dr. Briones’ because of the townhall format.  I’m hoping that Hector will join the townhall meeting and share the highlights of his presentation.

Entrepreneur Track for Product Management and Marketing

  1.  Which Customers are You Building the Right Product For? – Paul Teich is going to show us how to design a product that you’d want to buy and analyze the market to figure out if your customers would buy it, and how to integrate the two.
  2. Crowdfunding for Products and Startups – Conley Giles is going to share how to get your startup funded using crowdfunding and share real life examples of how one entrepreneur is raising funds using KickStarter.com.
  3. Is Your Startup Product Idea Crazy or What? Lean Canvas Dialog Tool to Help You Find Out – PJ Christie submits the best session for a startup entrepreneur to attend if they only go to one session Saturday, in my opinion.  This workshop will provide group facilitated discussion on how to quickly validate a startup product idea using a dialoguing tool based on lean concepts.

Winner for Most Technical Jargon

Succeeding in the InfoMagination Age Using MiniTrends – this presentation description wins my prize for the most marketing/technical jargon in a submission.  Here’s the first sentence:

“Achieving and sustaining success in the current environment of unprecedented marketplace innovation means being constantly alert to new and exciting MiniTrends that provide business and technological opportunities.” 

You can read the full description on the ProductCamp Austin website.

Winner for Most Direct

I have to include a most direct prize for a submission and that goes to How to Create Effective Marketing Initiatives to Propel a Weak/Mediocre Product to Success.

This session, by David Kenyon, will show product marketing managers how to create a successful marketing campaign around a mediocre product.  I want to give David props for bringing to light the secret questions that marketers sometimes have in the backs of our mind when presented with a less than stellar product and we’re told to sell a million of them. 😉

Winner for the Most Energy

Jeff Brantley’s session How Can I “Be Strategic” when all these Nutty “Agile Teams” are Asking Me for Tactical Answers all the Time? wins my award most energy because just reading his session submission description shares his passion for product management.  I can’t help but laugh out loud and nod my head as I read through the submission.

Which Will You Vote For?

(hint: Double Duty Marketing) Seriously, I wish everyone who submitted a session good luck and break a leg tomorrow!

If you’ll be attending ProductCamp Austin tomorrow, send me an email or a tweet and let’s meetup.

If you aren’t attending, stay tuned for my wrap-up of the sessions and follow ProductCamp Austin on twitter using hashtag #PCATX