Today has been on of those days so you all are lucky enough to get a “Snarky” post.  (yay!)

At work, we have some clients who I truly adore, and also am enormously frustrated with right at this moment.  If you’re a client reading this – chances are I’m not talking about you – and you are free to ask me privately or publicly if I am.  (warning – I’ll tell you if I am and if you ask publicly, I’ll respond there so my email is

Get to the Point

When I was younger, my mom had me program our VCR to record shows. Specifically – Star Trek the Next Generation.  Why isn’t relevant but interesting – my aunt lived in Germany at the time and couldn’t get the show consistently so my mom recorded it and mailed my aunt the tapes regularly.

So I programmed the VCR… I also set the answering machine (OMG – answering machines!!!????) so it would have a greeting and in case you are my age or younger, it even used tapes.  Yes … I know.

Gen Y has a Sense of Entitlement…?

This is going to be somewhat controversial – but I hear so many complaints from older folks that my generation has some sort of sense of entitlement…

That may be true in some cases but let me ask you this (if you are Gen Y or technical – go ahead and skip this section) …

How many of you have used people in my generation for FREE TECH SUPPORT?!

That’s right …. free tech support… and that free lunch ends when you stop paying for our college tuition, car insurance, and pizza delivery bills…

You want to understand databases, software GUI’s (graphical user interfaces if you don’t know and one of my favorite things to say – ask me why) and social media networking?  That is called consulting – you pay us to have us teach you and help you create a strategy so that you can utilize these awesome technological wonders.  It is very much like paying a lawyer, accountant or doctor.  It is just new

Let’s Compare This to Something Else

You can’t program your VCR… can you take out your appendix?  What about perform a triple bypass surgery on yourself or even more  realistic – on someone else… right?

And you pay surgeons tens of thousands of dollars for these things.  Granted – not having the ability to use your website isn’t life or death… it is just a matter of paying your bills (and the salaries of your staff so they can pay their bills) so you probably won’t die, just be homeless or have to work for someone else… not the end of the world, right?

See – those people who are doing things to your website because you don’t take the time to learn how – pay them and thank them.  Because they are working hard to keep up with the constant changes in technology and apply that to your website so you stay relevant, look good, and things work.  Because you are too busy running your department/business.

And say thank you, not “why are you charging me for this?” – just trust me here.  You’ll have far better luck getting some of that tech support for free if you are current on payment and appreciative.

Oh – and we might just come program your VCR for you too – although I promise you we will go back to our office and make fun of you for still using a VCR, I mean – haven’t you heard of Hulu yet?

Seriously… !

(This is an answering machine – for those of you who have never seen one)