I am going to see if I can manage to keep my own blog going and not just write posts and content for a dozen other websites for my company and my volunteer organizations.

I am not expecting this site to build up quickly or start having a ton of content, images, etc. any time soon.  I’m going to see what an organic, personal blog site ends up looking like for me.

As Ed says, I need to work on Patience.  So my readers will need some too probably – thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave comments and questions if you’d like.

I will not approve any comments that are clearly just link-building attempts.  I also take offense at people who leave comments like “great blog post, I love the way you talked about {x topic} and here is the link to my place.” where {x topic} = not anything I’ve ever posted on a website.  For example.

I now have decided my first blog post category: “Snarkasm” which is a combination of “snarky” and “sarcasm”.  My boyfriend came up with it and I have coined the { } as “snarkasm” brackets which, coincidentally also happen to be the brackets used in the Python programming language.

Which the technology love of my life (for the moment) is built on: Tendenci, the first open source CMS developed just for nonprofits.


Randomness aside in this first “Hello World!” blog post, (well ok the randomness will never cease and you should just know that right now)… I am looking to use this platform to share all the “Too Direct” things I believe and aim to do and work on in my job in technology marketing (Tendenci software as a service and open source content management system if you missed it) and as the Community Manager for Tendenci.

I just got that new title: Tendenci Community Manager and I couldn’t be more pleased!  I also am thinking “OMG WTF Why do they think I can do that?!” (They being the managers and my CEO at my company, Schipul Technologies.)

So I’m going to be (possibly and randomly) documenting my journey of learning how to be a community manager and marketing manager for a brand newly open sourced website platform trying to make money selling to nonprofits (who we all know don’t have money and have trouble making money in general plus often struggle to understand technology…)

And I’m going to be too direct, politically incorrect sometimes, blatantly offensive I’m sure, and there will probably be times when I write and I’m tired and frustrated and venting and will wake up the next day and have to come and delete that post I shouldn’t have published.  😉

Ok, enough for now.  Go sign-up for a free 30 day trial of Tendenci and then send me emails telling me what’s wrong with it, how you don’t understand some setting or function to it and what else you think about it.  It helps me write the Help Files and make the training videos.  I would really appreciate it.