*** I reserve the right to change this at any time and as many times as necessary because we all change over time, and so this will probably change, too. ***

My purpose is to empower people to become tech-savvy entrepreneurs and leaders in their communities by sharing my knowledge of how to utilize emerging technologies.

I’m passionate about:

teaching people about technology, networking and human experience design

raising my son to be confident and proud in himself because I’m confident and proud in myself

living my life with integrity at all times

communicating a positive presence, an encouraging tone, and with empathy so others feel at ease and safe, loved and valued, and most importantly learn faster and with confidence

I Believe:

  • Integrity isn’t something you can balance, it’s a constant on or off and it better be on, lady.
  • When in doubt about how to respond, it’s probably best to try and shut up.
  • Doubt is ok, and you can admit you don’t know/have doubts. Just don’t let doubts become your excuse for not taking risks.
  • When you respond poorly, apologize even if you didn’t mean it because the hurt is still there until it’s been absolved.
  • Intention isn’t enough, if you’re intentions are good then you’re living with Integrity, which is already a constant. Good intentions only happen when you execute on them with mindfulness and empathy.
  • Just because you said you’re sorry first doesn’t mean they have to also apologize. That’s not why you apologize first.
  • Give first, give without thinking about what they have to give you, TRUST in the community and the circle of life.
  • What goes around comes around – another constant so give what you want to get back.
  • Likewise, the reverse advice is true: Don’t give anything that you don’t want to get back later on.
  • Adapt or Die – and don’t give yourself any excuses when you realize that the reality of life is it’s adapt until you die.
  • The secret to happiness is to get up and find something really hard to do every time you feel comfortable.
  • Sometimes, you have to put something back that initially “feels” bad, but later on will be an educational lesson that adds value to everyone involved. Sometimes, you’re going to receive feelings that seem “bad” but are really you landing on your tush with a thud and you need to stand back up and smile and laugh with everyone in the room.
  • If they applaud because you fell so hard and painfully – make sure to take a bow after you get up. Because that’s class.
  • Be the epitome of Grace and Will – and by that I mean that Grace means to hold your head high enough to feel proud, but not too high that you hit against others’ Wills.
  • Let your Will remember it’s made of Water, and let it stay fluid and still keep those membranes mindful and intact
  • Membranes are the most awesome type of boundary to me. They allow learning by osmosis and they let you control how to keep the really bad stuff out.
  • Strive to achieve the strength to say “no” when you want to say yes just to be nice. When you hear that voice in your head telling you to be a doormat(ie: say “yes” to something you don’t want to do) just tell her #stfu and remind yourself you’re an adult and are 100% capable of making your own decisions.
  • Being Nice isn’t as important as getting what you want, so long as you can do it with integrity.
  • The perfect moment is NOW. even if it doesn’t FEEL like it. Remember – it’s still NOW and not some other When.
  • Do not dig deep in the earth when you are troubled. Look up to the stars and the clouds to find your solutions.
  • You cannot save those who don’t want to help save themselves. Sometimes, you’ll lose those who want to but it was too late or too soon for us to help them. Most will be lost, most who try will be saved. Never stop trying. Never Give up, surrendering isn’t giving up.
  • Hold onto things from your past that are irreplaceable and valuable to you – like people and photos. Don’t hold onto things that have value in your past and *might* have value in the future AND are replaceable. That’s just being a packrat and pack ratting is a fearful, anxiety filled practice in life.
  • Emotions are attempts at making a decision. The decision isn’t made BY your feelings, rather your decisions are persuaded and influenced by your feelings. This is also why Brands need to drive emotional values home.
  • Decide with your reason center. No decisions unless it’s gone both into feelings and reasons.


  • I want to have balance between my work and my family and provide jobs for others that give them this balance.
  • I want to have opportunities through work and/or volunteering to make a difference and help shape the future, and make life better here now and all the tomorrows.
  • I want to swim and run outside every day I can.
  • I want to have a life where I’m allowed to go run outside in a warm summer rainstorm just to feel how amazing rain is.
  • I want a life full of rich, sensual experiences that also inspire my mind to be more than my physical self.
  • I want to travel as far across the Universe as technology will get me, live as long as I can.
  • I want to be a source of positive experiences for people around me as often as possible.

Strengths and Skills:sarah-worthy-strengths-smile-laughing-manifesto

  • reverse engineering
  • smiling and laughing
  • problem solving
  • fast learner
  • effective at teaching technology skills to beginners and business executives
  • change management for individuals and inside complex organizational structures
  • program management and development
  • channel marketing and sales
  • leadership
  • community organization strategist
  • intermediate front end engineering (CSS/HTML/JS)
  • e-commerce and marketing automation systems design and architecture
  • human experience designer, UX/UI architect
  • business technology “digital native” and highly adept at picking up and using new tech tools to solve problems more effectively
  • big vision thinking – nothing is impossible or outside the limits of imagination for me
  • ability to hyper focus on a problem/task and get it done under tight deadlines without quality degradation
  • ability to work independently with little management and with a team remotely
  • social media sales and marketing
  • social engineering
  • product marketing and sales
  • customer relationship management
  • sponsorship and fundraising

7993703865_db5133c5d5_zWeaknesses and Areas to Improve:

  • tackling everyday tasks when higher level thinking tasks are on my mind/poor multi-tasker
  • being emotionally reserved, keeping my heart in my pocket instead of on my sleeve so to speak
  • accepting disappointment from failure, and letting go of things when they’re not working earlier on in the process
  • lacks focus around other people, I require a quiet place to work and think and continue practicing with agendas for meetings
  • work on being more cautious and less trusting of people, ask tougher questions sooner and ask for more of a win-win instead of giving so much at the beginning.