naughty-nice-christmasMerry Christmas!

If you’re one to celebrate Christmas, then I hope you have a successful celebration. Truly, I do. 

And I also hope you realize that the majority of humans today had a pretty shitty day. I don’t want you to feel guilty for having had a great day – I want you to realize that all that boasting you did on social media about your fabulous day was self-centered. It was not introspective and reflective – for these are activities that remain inside ourselves throughout the entire process…

Rather, most of you are just showing off, sharing how appreciative you are of yourself. And that’s rude.

It’s 100% ok to feel appreciative and to buy those presents and spend all that dough on your holiday with your family. It’s 100% rude and socially inappropriate to be sharing your wealth all over in a public space like Facebook or Pinstagram (intentional) when the majority of human beings have had a really shitty day and won’t have a day like you just experienced EVER IN THEIR ENTIRE LIFETIME.

If you’re not going to devote your life to reducing poverty and inequality, then the least you could do was mind your manners and keep your gluttony to yourself.

I spend the vast majority of my time trying to bring everyone up to a level of digital literacy that they can leverage the power of the Internet and improve their lives. I spend everyday working like an elf in Santa’s workshop (and I have the volunteer hours and professional scars to prove I’ve earned my stripes) so that people can one day all have a Merry Christmas.

And when some of you decide you’re better than the Little Red Hen, and act like Marie Antoinette, I feel really sad and a little close to hopeless inside. Because you’re all better than that and you know it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t all secretly feel a little more empty inside as you open that next present with that reminder in the back of your mind that you’re so lucky to have these things while so many out there don’t.

Because that’s why you share your excess… to try and alleviate your guilt and still enjoy your success.